How to Subscribe
How to Subscribe

What subscribers receive

  • The Atlantic Northeast Rails & Ports formal issue appears twice a month, containing 12-18 pages per issue, covering the freight railroads, international cargo ports, intermodal terminals, and their government environments. Archives available on this site. Current issues available only to subscribers. For a complimentary copy of the most recent issue, please contact us.

  • The ANR&P e-bulletin about 30 times a year with immediate news. It is sent free of charge between regular issues by email to all subscribers. See a sample e-bulletin.

  • Half price rate on space advertisements.

Subscription rates in US dollars

  Professionals Non-professionals
delivery by email $495 $125
delivery by post $690 $330
24 formal issues plus e-bulletins

Professional: those who use ANR&P in their work. You may qualify for a special introductory price. Please contact the editor for details. Railroads pay according to carloadings.

Non-professional: those who do not use ANR&P professionally. Railfans and others in this category receive a considerable saving.

Starting your subscription

You may pay by check, Visa, or Mastercard.

Please choose one of these methods to start your subscription:

  • CALL: Phone us at 207-865-2922 anytime to give us your subscription details and credit card information. We will start your subscription immediately and give you a password to access the restricted parts of the website.

  • WRITE/FAX/EMAIL: Send us the following information by post/fax/email. See Contact Page. We will start your subscription as soon as we receive it and send you an invoice by return email.

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7. Delivery by email or post?